Better Health

Osteoporosis – Never Too Late for Action!
Osteoporosis is not inevitable, and it’s never too late for action. A healthy lifestyle can lead to positive outcomes.
Karl Knopf, EdD
Diabetes and Exercise – Make the Connection
The interplay of exercise and diabetes is a critical one, due to the way in which exercise influences metabolism.
Karl Knopf, EdD
Reasons to Swim, Train & Play in the Water
Swimming and other water activities allow you to meet your fitness goals with less stress on your joints and muscles. Plus, the water itself is energizing!
Ronda Brodsky, M.S.
3 Reasons Water Aerobics is Awesome During Pregnancy
Study after study show that exercise is crucial for a healthy and happy pregnancy, and water aerobics fits the bill for most prenatal women. Read why.
By Dan Chabert
Move It. Or Lose It!
The real purpose of exercise is not to simply add years to one's life, but rather to add life to one's years!
Karl Knopf, EdD
Targeting Your Core in the Pool
Exercise in the pool is fun and offers an effective option to target the core.
Brock Athey
Benefits of Aquatic Fitness
An overview of why Aquatic Fitness is for all
Aquatic Exercise Association Fitness Professional Certification
About our Certification and why our professionals are the best in the world!
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