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Foolproof Action Plan to Getting & Staying Healthy This Year
Do you want this year to be the year you actually keep your New Year’s Resolution to achieve better and healthier habits? This article offers up 5 major reasons we fail, and how to stay on track.
Leigh Stringer
Cardiorespiratory Fitness Should be Considered a Vital Sign
Medical professionals should review their patients’ aerobic fitness — just as they do other vital signs — to help people manage their health.
Professor Lenny Kaminsky
Is It Past Time to Reprogram the Software in Your Brain?
You really can reprogram the “software” in your brain. This article offers a few tips to point you in the right direction.
Carol Talbot
Remembering Ouida Selby – a True “Water Baby”
We are saddened by the loss of one of our AEA Family Members
Lori Templeman
Building Bridges to Client and Career Success
Meaningful partnerships are the key to improved credibility and respect.
Dr. Karl Knopf
Rheumatoid Arthritis –Ten Reasons Aquatic Exercise Works!
Aquatic therapy and water exercise can assist individuals with RA to enjoy healthier, happier and more actives lives.
Matthew Hersh
Fall Prevention Through Aquatic Programming
Learn simple techniques to help prevent injury from falling
Tyler Santangelo
Get Moving, Have Fun & Make a Splash! Overcoming Childhood Obesity
Physical activity and exercise must be encouraged and assimilated into the lives of children.
Keith Goodenough
Autoimmune Arthritis (AIA)
Early Detection, Referrals, Diagnosis & Treatment
The International Foundation for Autoimmune Arthritis
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