AEA Research Committee: Purpose and Goals

The Aquatic Exercise Association is committed to facilitating research and disseminating research results for the advancement of the aquatic industry.
The AEA Research Committee is guided by the Aquatic Exercise Association and driven by the needs of aquatic fitness professionals across the globe.
The purpose of the Research Committee is to provide AEA Members, AEA Certified Professionals, the media and general consumers with the most up-to-date research and exercise science information. This information will increase awareness and demonstrate how aquatic exercise can enhance fitness, health and wellness for all populations.

The Committee’s goals include:

  • Making the latest findings in aquatic research readily available through a research bibliography database and providing a platform for aquatic researchers to present their current scholarly findings at the annual International Aquatic Fitness Conference. The poster proceedings are available in the Aquatic Exercise Association Conference Poster and Research Presentation Sessions which is published yearly after the conference.
  • Providing research reviews and promoting aquatic fitness research in educational programs to increase knowledge and enhance the safety and effectiveness of programming offered by aquatic fitness professionals.
  • Promoting evidence based practice through demonstration and application of research in the aquatic fitness setting.
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