AEA SUPER SALE! Aqua Revolution -Oops Version
AEA SUPER SALE! Aqua Revolution -Oops Version
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Item code AK0505
Publisher YES! Fitness Music
Price Price $18.00

Everyone loves a pool party, so join us for the ultimate 60’s Pool Party. Dive on in and let the refreshing music of the 60’s wash over you. 60’s music has a way making any class memorable. With such diverse populations showing up to water classes, this title has you covered. Challenge your crew with this invigorating 135 bpm workout. They’ll love every minute of it.  GREAT FOR STEP TOO.

This is the OOPS version because the jacket has two typos, one song listing and the beats per minute are 135 and not 132 as back cover reads.  Grab this CD while quantities last!!

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