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Thursday, July 11, 2013
UPDATE: Bone Density Revelation
by Pamela G. Milling 

This is an update on my previous article, Bone Density Revelation, featured April 2011 at Healthy News (,) sharing the results of my third bone density test taken on April 13, 2013. The official results are outstanding when compared to test #2, as listed in the original article.

I must confess several people expected this new bone density test to decrease. Why?
• I am 2 years older than I was at the previous test; nearing the age of 70.
• I do not take bone density medication.
• For a short time, I took the chemo pill.
• My breast cancer tested as extremely aggressive and is expected to "metastasis" to bone cancer.
• I do not exercise on land in a weight bearing method. I perform water fitness exercises without additional resistance equipment, simply using the natural resistance of the water until I become “winded”, recover 40 seconds and repeat.

Great news on bone density test #3 when compared to results from test #2 two years previous. My bone density improved in several areas, stayed the same in others, and did not decrease as people expected. Both test #2 and test #3 were taken in the same hospital, using the same equipment, and read by the same doctor.

I continue to call for research to validate that vertical water exercise provides the benefits of “weight bearing exercise.” The resistance of the water is constantly encountered when moving the body in and against the water. The muscles, and the skeletal system to which the muscles attach, are receiving multi-directional resistance when forcefully moving while submerged. Deep-water training, although non-impact, still provides a resistive format for the musculoskeletal system.

This has helped me in my personal quest to improve or maintain bone density. It is applicable in other areas as well. I follow the progress of Mississippi College football players in water fitness training. The exercises I designed for these athletes complement the land training that coaches employ to achieve sports performance goals.


MBMC. January 2011. Mississippi Baptist Medical Center, 501 Marshall, Jackson, MS 39202.
MBMC. April 2013. Mississippi Baptist Medical Center, 501 Marshall, Jackson, MS 39202.

Pamela G. Milling, Aquatic Fitness Professional (AEA), is Aquatic Director Mississippi College Alumni Hall Pool, Clinton, MS. She produced a cross training Water Fitness DVD series “When Water Moves Miracles Happen” to use with her instruction for her PE classes. She presents “The Water Fitness Package” to Health Education Workshops and Psychology classes. She directs Water Fitness Plyometrics for voluntary NCAA III MC Athletes. Her study with MC Athletes, “Jumping Height Increased through Specific Aquatic Exercises”, was posted under Editor’s View in the Aquatic Fitness Research Journal Spring 2004. For more information, email Pamela at





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