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Tuesday, January 01, 2013
Aquatic Exercise Association Fitness Professional Certification
by AEA 

The Aquatic Exercise Association is an internationally recognized organization specializing in Aquatic Fitness Education.  AEA offers intermediate level aquatic fitness instructor certification and numerous continuing education programs throughout the world.  The Aquatic Fitness Professional (AFP) Certification is offered in the United States and an international version, the Aquatic Fitness Instructor Certification, is currently offered abroad.

The AEA Certification program is based upon the Aquatic Fitness Professional Manual. Published originally in 1995, updated in July 2002, and currently in the 2010 6th Edition format, this manual is recognized worldwide as the number one resource in aquatic fitness programming and leadership.  As a coordinated effort of more than 30 industry experts, this is the most comprehensive and relied-upon resource for fitness professionals.

AEA highly recommends that all candidates, regardless of educational background, prepare at least 8-12 weeks prior to the Certification Examination.  AEA also recommends having at least 6 months practical experience in aquatic exercise prior to the Examination.  AEA provides all Certification candidates with the Information & Study Objectives to assist candidates with advanced self-study and preparation.  

For those who need extra preparation assistance, AEA also offers various optional resources and training opportunities:

•    AFP Certification Practical Applications DVD – Recommended techniques for shallow and deep water leadership based on the Aquatic Fitness Professional Manual.

•    AEA Online Prep Course – Developed by AEA and Human Kinetics, this online educational course includes a pre-test, educational unit activities & quizzes and a course test to confirm understanding of the material. With an interactive format, various learning styles are addressed helping each learner to achieve his/her maximum potential.  Based on the Aquatic Fitness Professional Manual. Completed on the Internet at your convenience!

•    Practical & Skill Applications Review – An 8-hour program designed to reinforce the knowledge learned in the AEA Certification Prep Course.  This hands-on program includes interactive theory, classroom movement and practical applications in the pool targeting the practical and skill related aspects of aquatic fitness leadership. Based on the Aquatic Fitness Professional Manual. A “live” workshop conducted by AEA Aquatic Training Specialists in locations throughout the US and abroad!

The AEA Certification Oversight Committee continually monitors the examination process and regulations certification requirements.  Revisions have been made to the exam in 1995, 1997, 2001 and 2006 and 2011.  AEA examination procedures follow examination guidelines set forth by CLEAR standards.

Candidates must successfully complete a 100-question (multiple choice and true-false) written examination that covers both theoretical and practical application skills to receive Certification with AEA. All Candidates must also have current CPR and AED training/certification to be eligible for AEA Certification. AEA provides assistance to Candidates with special requirements or testing needs if a Disability Form is properly completed and submitted with the examination registration.  The Examination is computer scored by an independent testing company and results are mailed to each Candidate within approximately 4 weeks.

The AEA Fitness Professional/Instructor Certification is valid for two years from the examination date.  All Certified instructors must renew AEA Certification every two-year period with a minimum of 15 continuing education credit hours and current CPR/AED status.

AEA is not only committed to aquatic fitness, but also to each individual within the industry and strives to make everyone successful through increasing awareness, education and networking opportunities. With AEA, achieving healthy lifestyles though aquatic fitness is a team effort and is supported worldwide.



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