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Why Are the Holidays So Hazardous to Our Health?
Physician shares tips for giving your body what it needs to fight illness during the holiday season.
Dr. John Young
How to Treat a Family Member with Dementia This Holiday Season
Holidays can present special challenges for families with a loved one suffering from dementia. World-renowned expert shares 5 helpful tips.
Kerry Mills, MPA
Weight Loss - What Am I Doing Wrong?
Making a few changes in food and drink choices will provide greater weight loss.
Karen Collins, MS, RD, CDN - American Institute for Cancer Research
Cruciferous Vegetables & Cancer Risk
Cruciferous vegetables provide compounds that show potential to reduce cancer risk in several ways.
Karen Collins, MS, RD, CDN - American Institute for Cancer Research
5 Exercises You Should Avoid
The pool is considered to be a safe exercise environment, but we also have many moves that should be re-evaluated.
Pauline Ivens, MS
The REAL Life (No Excuse!) Workout
REAL life exercises to keep you in shape during the busiest times.
Tara Palmer
Walk This Way...In the Pool
Walk This Way…In the Pool and your walking program will never be boring again!
Aquatic Exercise Association
Sample Pool Workout
30 minute Tabata Workout
Mark Grevelding
Back to Basics
It is important to always come back to the basics to build our aquatic foundation.
Debbi Moore
Defying Gravity
Defy gravity when teaching from the pool deck by learning to FLOAT – Focus on technique, Lead the workout, Overcome obstacles, Adjust your attitude and Train for success.
Julie See
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