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Healthy News

Healthy News

The Versatile Aquatic Class
Deep-water running can add an effective and enjoyable exercise option to your fitness routine.
Blake Adkins
Take a Look at What’s Happening to Your Posture… and Do Something About It
Your posture is more than how the world sees you; it affects every function of the body.
By Dr. Steven Weiniger
Achieving Weight Loss
Identifying personal reasons for weight loss, and shifting the way you think about diet and exercise, are great step towards weight loss freedom.
Stephanie Thielen, BS
Reducing Sedentary Behaviors: Sitting Less and Moving More
Scientific evidence shows moderate- to vigorous-intensity exercise plays a preventative role in cardiovascular disease, type 2 diabetes, obesity and some cancers.
Fat-Busting Water Workouts
Aquatic exercise can be a great means for fat-busting workouts.
Lori Sherlock, EdD
10 Reasons to Get Out and Walk
Great inspiration to print and post!
World Walks
Living with Type 2 Diabetes
Diabetes is an obstacle that you can learn to manage and control with the right attitude and a good support team!
Ronda Brodsky
AEA Water Well-Aquatic Fitness Tips
The Benefits of Aquatic Fitness!
Aquatic Exercise Association
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