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Healthy News

Healthy News

5 Exercises You Should Avoid
The pool is considered to be a safe exercise environment, but we also have many moves that should be re-evaluated.
Pauline Ivens, MS
The REAL Life (No Excuse!) Workout
REAL life exercises to keep you in shape during the busiest times.
Tara Palmer
Summer Travel Workout
Strategies to take your healthy lifestyle on the go!
LIndsay Mondick
Walk This Way...In the Pool
Walk This Way…In the Pool and your walking program will never be boring again!
Aquatic Exercise Association
Aquatic Life for Rheumatoid Arthritis
Aquatic fitness can help increase quality of life, while slowing down the process of the disease and assisting in the management of RA.
Brandi Fish-Virtue
AICR Health Talk - July 2014
Nutrition questions & answers - protecting skin from sun damage, and breakfast for weight loss.
Karen Collins, MS, RD, CDN - American Institute for Cancer Research
10 Top Reasons Why You Should Exercise In Water
Discover why everyone is heading for the pool!
Mark Grevelding
Advantages of Deep Water Running
Deep water running is a terrific way to deal with and prevent injuries, and can also provide a great form of cross training.
Maddie Bridgeman
Misconceptions of Aquatic Exercise
Break down the barriers that may have kept you from enjoying the full benefits of water exercise.
Monique Acton
Aquatic Exercise Association Fitness Professional Certification
About our Certification and why our professionals are the best in the world!
• Certified Professionals & Members in over 45 countries
• Professional Education, Training and Networking Opportunities
• Weekend Specialty Events & Certification
• Excellent Products and Industry Resources in the AKWA Shop