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The latest in high quality resistance exercise products
NZ Manufacturing
Sample Pool Workout
30 minute Tabata Workout
Mark Grevelding
AEA E-News Summer 2014 Edition
AEA E-News is designed to provide you with the information you need to know in a condensed and concise manner, as well as familiarize you with all that the AEA website has to offer!
Mark Grevelding, AEA E-News Editor
Back to Basics
It is important to always come back to the basics to build our aquatic foundation.
Debbi Moore
Defying Gravity
Defy gravity when teaching from the pool deck by learning to FLOAT – Focus on technique, Lead the workout, Overcome obstacles, Adjust your attitude and Train for success.
Julie See
Aqua Kids
Explore the benefits of aquatic exercise for children and encourage success through pool programming.
Haily VandePoel
AquaStretch™ Foundations
In-depth information
Laurie Denomme
Living A Healthy Life
As passionate fitness professionals, we all aspire to provide our clients with the tools to live a healthier life.
Marti Peters
Benefits of Aquatic Fitness for Individuals with MS
The aquatic environment has many unique properties and is a great place for individuals with MS to begin, and continue, to exercise.
Alexis LaNeve
IAFC Behind the Scenes, April 2014
IAFC Update
Mark Grevelding
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