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Benefits of Aquatic Fitness for Individuals with MS
The aquatic environment has many unique properties and is a great place for individuals with MS to begin, and continue, to exercise.
Alexis LaNeve
IAFC Behind the Scenes, April 2014
IAFC Update
Mark Grevelding
5 Keys to Building and Maintaining a Powerful Online Presence
A carefully crafted website and fully-operational social media profiles can lay the framework for business success.
Nick Nanton
From You Lips to Their Ears: How to Deliver Constructive Feedback
Fitness professionals receive and provide feedback regularly. Before speaking, remember the Golden Rule and provide the type of feedback you would like to receive: candid, honest, kind, clear, and specific.
Jackie Lebeau, MS, RYT
Get Involved - Hosting an Educational Event
Thinking about offering an AEA educational event at your facility? Some key points that will help to make the process run smoothly.
Pauline Ivens, MS
Testing the Waters - Exercise Options for Osteoporosis
An exercise routine consisting of a combination of water exercise and land exercise is beneficial for people at risk, or with, osteoporosis.
Alana Gillenwater
AEA E-News Winter 2014 Edition
AEA E-News is designed to provide you with the information you need to know in a condensed and concise manner, as well as familiarize you with all that the AEA website has to offer!
Mark Grevelding, AEA E-News Editor
Water Warriors
Providing the best possible rehab methods to injured soldiers should be a priority across the country.
Will Corley
Blood and Water: Aquatic Exercise Effects on Cardiovascular Disease
Several types of exercise should be used to prevent and manage cardiovascular disease so that treatment includes a wide range of physical aspects in an efficient, beneficial, and fun way.
Jeremy Wilson
It’s Easy to Give but Even Easier to Share Happiness & Joy!
It is better to give than to receive...
Angie Proctor
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