Exclusive for You….Refresh & Renew Special for AEA AF Program Leader

The Refresh & Renew is a simple and easy way to refresh your base knowledge as a AEA AF Program Leader and allows you to review the Program Leader Course and take a quiz. That’s it! Simple, easy and keeps you up to date with protocol for leading AEA Arthritis Foundation Classes.

Refresh & Renew and AFAP/AFEP Renewal Fees are included - All for $69.00!  

Add a One-Year eMembership that includes the Akwa digital magazine and AEA Members Only benefits to enhance your learning all year long.  Only $99!  Upgrade to become a Pro Member, which features the hard copy of Akwa magazine, for $12.00 more (USA only).

Refresh & Renew AFAP (Aquatic/Exercise)


Refresh & Renew AFEP (Exercise)



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