Better Health

Breaking Bad for Good
Can we change a negative habit? Breaking bad for good is possible with these six steps.
Karen Creasey, MA, BS
8 Benefits of Physical Activity
Think of exercise as the medicine you need to take daily to improve your health and your overall life performance.
Karen Creasey, MA, BS
“Be the CHANGE” – Make the World a Better Place
Look within yourself; Iit is important to determine why you want to change, what you are striving for, and what your outcome will be when you meet your goal.
Lori Pine
Drink Up for Winter Hydration, Performance & Recovery
As you head outdoors to exercise, be aware and maintain proper hydration for better performance and recovery. Grab your water or sports drink even if you don’t feel thirsty, and drink up!
Lori Pine, MA
Motivation for Holiday Health
The holidays are here… make the choice to stick to a healthy lifestyle, continue towards your fitness goals, and enjoy the benefits of eating well and staying active.
Ronda Brodsky, MS
Stress Less with Aquatics
Stress – it affects every one of us! Move your activities into the water and you have a low-impact, enjoyable workout that allows you to put in the necessary work without causing too much stress.
Hannah Brown
Water (Exercise) for Health
Learn how exercise in water can be intense enough – and simultaneously kind enough – to the body to make it a regular part of any fitness routine.
Karen Creasey, MA, BS
Enhance Your Aquatic Training
Get the most out of your aquatic workout by using the water to its fullest potential…and pushing yourself to make some waves!
Jenni Lynn Patterson-LaCour
6 Kick-Starts to a New You
Add good habits into your routine to move your life from where you are to where you want to be.
Karen Creasey

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