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Risk Management Tidbits for Your Aquatic Fitness Program
We are to be leaders and advocates for the health and wellbeing of our participants. Here are a few risk management topics that should be at the top of your mental checklist each time you step on the pool deck to teach.
Lindsay Mondick
Elevate Your Career / Upgrade Your Programs
Elevate your career and upgrade your programs! Tips to help you bring in new membership and reenergize regular class participants.
Craig Yaniglos
Be Prepared – The Instructor Backup Bag
A fitness instructor’s schedule is subject to last-minute changes! Be prepared for almost anything with a well-stocked backup bag, making you a professional and versatile instructor ready for action on a moment’s notice.
Lori Templeman, BA
Let’s Roll
Self-myofascial release, a form of soft tissue release therapy that involves applying prolonged pressure onto the connective tissue, can be a valuable aspect of your own self-care routine.
Ashley Bishop
Don’t Be Blinded by Your Own Ego
The most successful people never stop learning. When a person becomes a committed lifelong learner, others will seek his or her teachings.
Nathan Jamail
Turbulent Waters
As fitness professionals, there will be times when we will have to make our decision to speak up, comply, negotiate, or even walk away.
Tara Palmer
Adaptive Aquatics
Teaching a child or an adult with a disability to swim can be very rewarding, both to the participant and the instructor.
Brendan Tedrick, MS
Exercise should have purpose. Explain to your participants WHY they are doing a specific exercise, as well as the benefits involved.
Pauline Ivens, MS
Cardiorespiratory Fitness Should be Considered a Vital Sign
Medical professionals should review their patients’ aerobic fitness — just as they do other vital signs — to help people manage their health.
Professor Lenny Kaminsky
Is It Past Time to Reprogram the Software in Your Brain?
You really can reprogram the “software” in your brain. This article offers a few tips to point you in the right direction.
Carol Talbot
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