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How to Teach Old Dogs New Tricks
Adding creative changes to regular exercises are good for the body and the mind! Developing confidence with movement will carry over to activities of daily living and improve overall mobility.
Kimberly Huff, MS, CSCS
Writing an Action Plan: Four Steps to Implementing Change
Setting and achieving goals is important! Learn how to develop an effective action plan that outlines the steps need to achieve your specific goal.
Jackie Lebeau, MS
Keep ‘Em Moving, Challenged and Having Effective Fun
Exercise classes, especially those for seniors and individuals dealing with chronic health issues, can benefit from a good dose of merriness. Here are a few suggestions to add laughter and challenge to our workouts.
Bonnie Koenigsknecht
What’s In Your Pool?
Student Handout. In order to keep the pool water clean and clear, be a part of the solution and encourage others to do the same! Feel free to copy and distribute. This complements the full article, Keep It Clean! Simple Solutions to Pool Water Quality.
Mick Nelson, MS and Sue Nelson, BS, with USA Swimming Facilities Department
Keep It Clean! Simple Solutions to Pool Water Quality
Learn how changing the habits of pool patrons can be a major part of keeping your pool water clean and clear. A separate Student Handout, What’s In Your Pool?, has been provided to help you increase awareness and education.
Mick Nelson, MS and Sue Nelson, BS, with USA Swimming Facilities Department
When Your Class is Not Hard Enough
As aquatic fitness professionals, it is our job to empower our participants to achieve success in every class. We educate on proper form, effective progressions and regressions, and the ability to self-monitor intensity.
Lori Templeman, BA
Passing the Torch: Becoming a Mentor
A mentoring relationship can provide benefits that will last a lifetime, both to the mentee and the mentor. Being there to guide others and pass on the torch is vital for the health and wellbeing of others.
Danita Watkins
Challenge Your Class with Buoyant Cuffs
Learn teaching tips and sample exercises that are effective for successfully transitioning your aquatic class into using buoyant ankle cuffs.
Jenni Lynn Patterson-LaCour
Circuit Training Tips
Circuit training can be fun and provide variety to your aquatic classes. Preparation is the key to success instead of chaos.
Lori Templeman, BA
Becoming an Aquatic Fitness Instructor
Aquatic fitness can be a rewarding career path and our industry needs new instructors to continue to change lives through exercise.
Craig Yaniglos
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