AEA Fitness Professional Certification Renewal Information

2019 AEA Certification Renewal Requirements

AFP Certification Renewal Policies & Procedures

  • AEA Certified Aquatic Fitness Professionals are required to renew their certification every two years.  Early renewals can be submitted within 6 months prior to certification if all renewal requirements are met.
  • AEA Certified Aquatic Fitness Professionals must obtain a minimum of 15 AEA Approved CECs to obtain recertification.  If you earn more CECs than the minimum required, they do not carry over to the next renewal period.  CECs begin at Zero (0) on your next term.
  • A list of AEA Approved Continuing Education Courses can be found on this website, under Education/CEC Providers/CEC Listing.  AEA may issue CECs to non-approved educational programs; Petition Form can be downloaded and printed at the bottom of this page.
  • AEA Certified Aquatic Fitness Professionals must maintain current and valid CPR/AED Certification throughout the renewal term.  CPR/AED Certification is worth 3.0 AEA CECs.
  • There is a $55.00 Certification Renewal Fee. This fee represents on-time renewals that are received prior to the expiration date and with complete requirements fulfilled.  AEA Certified Aquatic Fitness Professionals have 60 days grace following their certification expiration date, in order to renew without paying a late fee.
  • Late fees will apply if we do not receive your Certification Renewal within 60 days of expiration.  From 2 months - 1 year late fee is $30.00.  From 13 months to two years late fee is $55.00.  After two years you may be required to take the AFPC Examination again.

Renewal Procedures

Online Renewal - It’s Simple & Easy!

  1. Track your CECs ONLINE!  Make sure all your CECs are tracked online under the CEC Tracking area.  Instructions on how to use the Online CEC Tracking can be found at the top of that page.  You will receive an email that you have submitted the CECs and another email once they are approved (this can take up to 48 hours.)
  2. Click the ONLINE Cert Renewal under the Cert Renewal Tab and complete all the required information.
  3. You will receive confirmation that your renewal was received and if further information is needed, we will contact you.
  4. REMEMBER:  AEA does not automatically track your AEA event CECs.  We do, however, track CECs from Online Ed and the new AKWA Magazine quizzes.

Mail or Fax

  1. If your CECs are in our online CEC Tracking, simply write “ON FILE” in this area of the form.
  2. Please clearly mark any address / phone / email changes or updates.
  3. If you are not renewing, please return the form and let us know why.

Download Forms:

Certification Renewal Form

CEC Petition Form     

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