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• AEA provides various training programs for the begin-ner to the intermediate and advanced professional.
• Obtaining AEA Certification is the gold standard in the fitness industry and once achieved, it is THE LEVEL to be at.
• Continuing education workshops provide practical applications, evidence based-tried and true successful programming.

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For details on the AEA Certification Exam, please go to the Certification area of our website.

Aquatic Fitness Professional Practical & Skill Applications Course - 8 Hours
Attend the hands-on workshop to help you become a certified professional
CECs: AEA 7.0*, AEA AF 7.0, ACE 0.6, AFAA 5.0, ATRI 6.0

This hands-on workshop, taught by AEA Training Specialists, is designed to reinforce the recommended self-study resources.  This workshop provides theoretical review, class-room movement and pool application that can help you enhance your level and skill!  Bring the study materials to life!  This course targets muscles, equipment & movement; techniques for altering intensity; programming & leadership skills including deck instruction – all in an easy to under-stand format. 

* AEA CECs issued to individuals who are currently AEA Aquatic Fitness Professional Certified ONLY, and not to those sitting for the Certification Examination. 

AEA Educational Programs

Designed to help professionals expand knowledge in specific populations, formats and programming; these programs are offered exclusively by AEA Training Specialists.

AquaBata Shallow
CECs: AEA 3.0 ACE 0.3, AFAA 3.0, BOC 2.0
Take advantage of the latest trend in fitness to deliver the next level of training to your aquatic programs.  High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT), including the specialized Tabata format, transitions into the water with high-powered results.  Minimal choreography, maximal results – AquaBata training is the hottest workout in the pool that attracts a younger market, including men! AqauBata….for an Aqua Body!

Aquatic Cardio Programs
CECs: AEA 3.0 ACE 0.3, AFAA 3.0, ATRI 3.0, BOC 3.0
Discover the key concepts necessary to create safe, effective and enjoyable shallow water aerobic programs. Creative sequencing, smooth transitions and movement variations will help leaders to develop a unique style of choreography or movement progression. All aquatic professionals can benefit from this hands-on application of the physical properties of water in various cardio class formats.

Aquatic Circuit Applications 2 
CECs: AEA 3.0 ACE 0.3, AFAA 3.0, ATRI 3.0, BOC 3.0
Circuit training can open your pool to a wide array of training options that are time efficient and fun.  Part 2 of this popular workshop offers all new ideas for creative circuit training in shallow water, along with suggestions for deep-water formats. Explore instructor-guided and self-guided methods to provide optimum results for your pool, your participants and your teaching personality.  Innovative ideas fuse cardio and resistance training to help participants achieve fitness goals.

Aquatic Interval Applications
CECs: AEA 3.0 ACE 0.3, AFAA 3.0, ATRI 3.0, BOC 3.0
Create dynamic interval formats for the pool that can be adjusted for various ages and abilities through Work: Recovery ratios, movement tempos, exercise choices and impact options. This interactive workshop will assist you in developing motivating aquatic interval programs to enhance training results for participants and allow you to lead the workout safely & effectively from the pool deck.

Aquatic Kick Boxing
CECs: AEA 3.0, ACE 0.3, AFAA 3.0, BOC 3.0
Explore innovative, safe and effective aquatic Kick Boxing! This program is great for group fitness instructors, small group fitness leaders, trainers and coaches! This interactive non-stop format includes movement modifications and adaptations for the pool. Learn basics and beyond to successfully build techniques into programs for all ages and fitness levels. Explore the benefits of three modalities; stand-alone training, combination programming and multi-sport fitness workout options.

Boot Camp Deep 
CECs: AEA 3.0, ACE 0.3, AFAA 3.0, BOC 3.0
Take your boot camp to the deep and experience suspended training with a high intensity, non-choreographed workout. Learn how to employ a variety of body positions (vertical, horizontal and diagonal), as well as specific training drills that utilize the pool wall. Command attention in your deep-water classes with challenging formats geared for advanced training. Lower intensity modifications will be discussed.

Boot Camp Shallow
CECs: AEA 3.0, ACE 0.3, AFAA 3.0, BOC 3.0
Ten-hut! Push participants past training plateaus with a platoon of shallow water training designed to target fitness components of agility, balance, coordination and speed in addition to cardio capacity. This no-nonsense workout formula delivers high-intensity training options, with and without equipment, to maximize results. Training tactics may not be suitable for beginning exercisers, persons with special needs or those unwilling to get their hair wet.

Core Training + Stretch Techniques 
CECs: AEA 3.0, ACE 0.3, AFAA 3.0, ATRI 3.0, BOC 3.0
Dive into a pool of core training techniques that include standing, traveling and buoyant options to develop dynamic strength for improved function. Learn options with, and without, equipment to meet a variety of goals and successfully target all skill levels. Flow into a sampler of stretching techniques – static, dynamic and equipment assisted options. From relaxing mind-body options for warm waters to fluid movements for cool pools, learn how to remain flexible in all environments!

Deeper Applications 2
CECs: AEA 3.0, ACE 0.3, AFAA 3.0, ATRI 3.0, BOC 3.0
Dive deeper into aquatic programming applications by taking advantage of current trends in fitness.  Deeper Applications 2 offers updated information and creative new fitness formats to promote continued progression in your deep-water classes and personal training sessions.  Experience suspended high intensity interval training (HIIT) concepts, including the Tabata protocol, which effectively target the cardio system while challenging the core.

H2O Body Sculpting & Resistance Training
CECs: AEA 3.0. ACE 0.3, AFAA 3.0, ATRI 3.0, BOC 3.0
Add resistance, through the use of equipment and body positions, to create a shallow-water fitness program that targets muscular strength & endurance, range of motion and balance skills. Learn how to effectively integrate both impacting and grounded techniques to accommodate various fitness levels, as well as different pool considerations, such as water depth and temperature! This high-powered workout explores another level of training with controlled resistance.

Next Level Noodle
CECs: AEA 3.0, ACE 0.3, AFAA 3.0, ATRI 3.0, BOC 3.0
Take your aquatic class to the next level with creative cardio, targeted toning, and core concepts…all with the pool noodle. Explore all impact levels (grounded, propulsion & levels I, II, III) and modifications for all ability levels in this fun- focused, total body conditioning class.

PiYoChi Cardio Intervals
CECs: AEA 3.0, ACE 0.3, AFAA 3.0, ATRI 3.0, BOC 3.0
A motivating interval format integrates Pilates & Yoga techniques with cardio training to create mind-body pro- gramming suitable for cooler water temperatures (83-86 F). Pilates’ concepts target the “powerhouse” muscles of the core; Yoga focuses on alignment, awareness and breath control; cardio components burn calories and keep the participant warm. Expand group exercise and personal training options with this functional fusion of training principles for the pool!

Rated M for Mature 
CECs: AEA 3.0, ACE 0.3, AFAA 3.0, ATRI 3.0, BOC 3.0
This Aquatic Aerobic & Resistance Program (AARP) is fun, targets function, and provides fundamental exercises for the mature market. Baby Boomers and beyond want a training program that meets their needs and interests, while accommodating special concerns, such as fear of falling. Develop purposeful movement to achieve balance, coordination, mental awareness, posture, and range of motion needed for active lifestyles, as well as independent living.

Successful Senior Strategies
CECs: AEA 3.0, ACE 0.3, AFAA 3.0, ATRI 3.0, BOC 3.0
Aquatic programming that targets the senior population spells success! From marketing and promotion to music and motivation, every concept of program design, development and implementation must be considered. Explore this creative collection of pool programs that are perfect for the older adult market: Circuits with Class; Interval Integration; Water Walk 101; Strong, Stretched & Senior. Take home four complete programs and ideas for getting started…successfully!

Upper Body, Core & More
CECs: AEA 3.0, ACE 0.3, AFAA 3.0, ATRI 3.0, BOC 2.0
Heat up your shallow water classes with an array of upper body and core training applications. Learn how to apply fun, force and function to basic arm patterns building progressions for all goals and abilities. Next, explore how to integrate unilateral and bilateral upper body moves and impact variations for core training benefits. Finally, put it all together with and without equipment for endless combinations.

AEA Arthritis Foundation Partners in Programming

The Arthritis Foundation Training Modules are designed for those wishing to conduct the Arthritis Foundation Exercise and/or Aquatics Programs. The newly revised e-manual; AEA Arthritis Foundation Program Leader: A Training Guide for Exercise and Aquatic Programming is the main study resource and reference tool. The manual combines content from the previously published AF instructor manuals (aquatic program and exercise program), making a user-friendly resource and study guide for instructors offering programming for individuals with arthritis. This comprehensive manual is available in a digital format, which can be downloaded to a computer or other electronic device.

To complete all requirements for AFEP ( Exercise Program) or AFAP (Aquatic Program), you need to complete the online modules to prepare for the examination. This blended format helps prepare the instructor to become an Arthritis Foundation Program Leader, as well as provide a strong background to lead safe and effective aquatic and/or exercise programs for individuals with arthritis.

AEA Arthritis Foundation Program Leader Online Course
The self-paced, online program must be completed before taking the exam. All candidates for both the Aquatic and the Exercise Program complete the same training modules. Approximate prep/completion time varies from 12-25 hours.

Class Development & Practice Workshop
The in-person optional component provides theoretical and movement practice pertinent to class design and leadership. All candidates may elect to attend the Class Development & Practice in-person Workshop.

AEA-AF Program Leader Examination

Upon completion of training/prep, candidates will be issued access to the online examination. The exam must be taken within 4 weeks of receipt of access code. Upon successful passing of the exam and verification of current CPR/AED, the candidate may begin offering the specified program or programs. The Program Leader Certificate is valid for a period of 2 years.

Examination options include:

  • AF Exercise Program

  • AF Aquatic Program

  • AF Exercise & Aquatic Program (combined)

AEA Partnerships in Programming

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