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Angella DyllaI am and have retired from being a registered nurse. Love Love Love aquatic fitness
Looking forward to becoming certified. Hopefully next year there will be a course in my area of Texas

6 days ago

    Melody JerniganHow do I go about getting certified for AFAP Instructor? I was an AFAP instructor before, however, since AEA has taken over the arthritis foundation, I do not know how to go about getting re certified. Can anyone please lead me in the right direction?

    1 week ago

    • Melody JerniganIs there a workshop, or is it just an online exam?1 week ago

    Angella DyllaI'm a new member and would like to know how much the exam is if anyone knows. Plan on taking course next year the practical or workshop I'm so glad for the site. Very informative

    1 week ago

      Sandra PetersonLooking forward to renewing in the next 3 months. Making sure I have all my CEC's reported and accounted for.

      3 weeks ago

        John DavidsonHi everyone,
        New to this site- just registered today. I was hoping to get some suggestions/ guidance to become a (certified) AFP. I have read the site- but still have questions ?? I do have my current First Aid, CPR AED card.

        1 month ago

        • Roy McmillanWelcome, John! In order to become certified as an AFP, you should first purchase the AEA Aquatic Fitness Professional Manual (6th edition). Study the manual, and when you feel ready, register to take the exam. I highly recommend attending the AFP Practical & Skill Applications Course before you take the exam. I did, and it was extremely helpful when I took the exam. The course is usually given on the same weekend as the exam. Hope this helps.4 weeks ago

        • Angella DyllaHow much is the exam and how do you purchase it? I'm a new member too. I just ordered the book. Thanks for the advice 1 week ago

        Jane AndersonRetired from Pharmacy for 2 months almost; thank goodness have AEA and aquatics to continue a happy, enjoyable way to help people stay healthy.

        1 month ago

          Philip MidgleyJust renewed my AEA certification for the next 2 years!

          1 month ago

            Mark HernandezEmotions and feelings are powerful. These five words help me every time feelings get in my way of making the best decision.

            Act Differently Than Your Feelings

            2 months ago

              Virginia Boylesi have been in dentistry for 35 years its time for a new career!! Praise God for the courage to try something new and fun!!

              4 months ago

                Jennifer BishopAfter 26 years in the military, I am embarking on a new career. Looking forward to giving back to all the people who supported me through the years. Preparing for the AEA Aquatic Fitness Professional Certification.

                4 months ago

                  Peggy HerforthTake responsibility for your own good health and inspire, educate others to do the same.

                  5 months ago

                    Teresa Johnston"Be the person God meant you to be!"


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