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Online Ed is available to all AEA Certified and AFAP/AFEP Program Leaders.  AEA Members Get 20% OFF! Simply click on the title of the program you are interested in completing.

  • You will be required to enter all of your credit card information on our secure server before you can access the program downloadable PDF and the online quiz.
  • Once your payment processes and authorizes, you will be brought to a new screen. You can download the PDF program file and read or print it depending on your educational learning preferences. When you are ready, take the quiz.  Your quiz will be graded automatically.
  • You must receive a passing score to receive CECs. Your CECs will automatically be tracked for you.
  • You cannot take the same quiz more than once.  You can re-take until you have passed.

Online Education Refund Policy:  For material delivered online, you must request a refund within 5 days after purchase.  No refunds are made for online education programs if the CEC quiz has been accessed.

CourseAuthorCEC CreditsCost
HI-YO: High Intensity Interval Training for ALL Laurie Denomme, BS & Lori Sherlock, EdD2.00$30.00
Arthritis Foundation Aquatics Renewal Training AF/AEA0.00$119.00
Arthritis Foundation Exercise (land) Renewal Training AF/AEA0.00$119.00
Arthritis Foundation Combined AFAP/AFEP Renewal Training AF/AEA0.00$159.00
*NEW - NZ StretchCordz Aqua Pool Band VIDEO QUIZ AEA1.50$16.99
*NEW SPECIALTY CERTIFICATE! Aquatic Exercise & Multiple Sclerosis: A Healthcare Professional’s Guide Multiple Sclerosis Association of America (MSAA)10.00$90.00
Thinking Creatively About Aquatic Intervals Danita Watkins2.00$30.00
HELP - Handling Aquatic Emergencies Ronda Brodsky, MS2.00$30.00
Creative Aquatic Boot Camps Danita Watkins2.00$30.00
Smooth Transitions for Smooth Choreography Stephanie Thielen2.00$30.00
AEA Retake Exam AEA0.00$80.00
It's Hip to Kneed to Know Terri Mitchell, BA, PTA2.00$30.00
Motivating Your Class to Succees Danita Watkins2.00$30.00
Living Proof…Water Works: History and Development of the Aquatic Therapy & Fitness Industry Mary Essert2.00$30.00
Choose Your Own Choreography Danita Watkins3.00$30.00
AEA Certification Test SAMPLE AEA0.00$12.50
Subdivide and Conquer Bridget Carson3.00$30.00
Deep Water Training Julie See8.00$75.00
Connect with Your Participants: How to Teach so They Can Learn Jackie Lebeau2.00$30.00
Defying Gravity Julie See3.00$30.00
Aquatic Options Home Study Course AEA6.00$60.00
Aquatic Athletic Training Meg Stolt3.00$30.00
Osteoarthritis Flavia Yazigi1.00$15.00
ROM Solutions Julie See2.00$25.00
Balancing Act-Understanding Balance Issues for Seniors Kimberly Huff3.00$30.00
Aquatic Programming for the Obese Client Kimberly Huff5.00$40.00
Anatomy of Aging Sandy Stoub5.00$40.00
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