Aquatic Frisbee Challenge with Mushi Harush
Aquatic Frisbee Challenge with Mushi Harush
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Work on cardio

  • Work on flexibility
  • Strength exercises and balance
  • Work on the core muscles
  • And more!

In DVD you will find examples of:

  • Upper body exercises
  • Lower body exercises
  • The core muscles exercises
  • And exercises in pairs

This is an opportunity to diversify and complement accessory challenge colorful and original! 

Frisbee used to enrich the lessons Aqua! Strengthening and toning the body and maintaining physical fitness.


Chairman of the Israeli Aquatic Exercise Center. She holds an MA from the University of Haifa and Wingate College. Trains running boards Aquatic solely by the AEA.

Won the award for its contribution to the global movement of water gymnastics, 2005.

Moshi serves as a lecturer in Israel and abroad.

* The length of a 35-minute DVD and includes safety guidelines for working with Frisbee and other recommendations

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